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1005-24-9 | 3-Carbamyl-1-methylpyridinium chloride

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Technical Information
Catalog Number:
Chemical Name:
3-Carbamyl-1-methylpyridinium chloride
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
MDL Number:
207-209℃ (water acetone )  
H2O: soluble15mg/mL, clear  
Inert atmosphere;Room Temperature;  

Computed Properties
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:
Heavy Atom Count:
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:
Rotatable Bond Count:


Title: N-Methyl-2-pyridone-5-carboxamide is 1-methylnicotinamide metabolite of low cyclooxygenase-dependent vasodilating activity.

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Title: Toxic effects of nicotinamide methylation on mouse brain striatum neuronal cells and its relation to manganese.

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Title: Developmental changes of aldehyde oxidase activity and protein expression in human liver cytosol.

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Title: Decreased skin-mediated detoxification contributes to oxidative stress and insulin resistance.

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Title: Effect of selected NAD+ analogues on mitochondria activity and proliferation of endothelial EA.hy926 cells.

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Title: Adipose tissue as a source of nicotinamide N-methyltransferase and homocysteine.

Journal: Atherosclerosis 20090601

Title: Activation of nicotinamide N-methyltrasferase and increased formation of 1-methylnicotinamide (MNA) in atherosclerosis.

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Title: Anti-diabetic effects of 1-methylnicotinamide (MNA) in streptozocin-induced diabetes in rats.

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Title: Matrix metaloproteinases activity during the evolution of hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in the immature rat. The effect of 1-methylnicotinamide (MNA).

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Title: Aldehyde oxidase-catalyzed metabolism of N1-methylnicotinamide in vivo and in vitro in chimeric mice with humanized liver.

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Title: Therapeutic potential of 1-methylnicotinamide against acute gastric lesions induced by stress: role of endogenous prostacyclin and sensory nerves.

Journal: The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics 20080701

Title: 1-Methylnicotinamide and nicotinamide: two related anti-inflammatory agents that differentially affect the functions of activated macrophages.

Journal: Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis 20080401

Title: Anti-inflammatory effect of 1-methylnicotinamide in contact hypersensitivity to oxazolone in mice; involvement of prostacyclin.

Journal: European journal of pharmacology 20080114

Title: 1-Methylnicotinamide (MNA) prevents endothelial dysfunction in hypertriglyceridemic and diabetic rats.

Journal: Pharmacological reports : PR 20080101

Title: Neuroprotective effects of nicotinamide and 1-methylnicotinamide in acute excitotoxicity in vitro.

Journal: Folia neuropathologica 20080101

Title: Nicotinamide and 1-methylnicotinamide reduce homocysteine neurotoxicity in primary cultures of rat cerebellar granule cells.

Journal: Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis 20080101

Title: 1-Methylnicotinamide stimulates cell growth and inhibits hemoglobin synthesis in differentiating murine erythroleukemia cells.

Journal: Toxicology in vitro : an international journal published in association with BIBRA 20071201

Title: 1-Methylnicotinamide (MNA), a primary metabolite of nicotinamide, exerts anti-thrombotic activity mediated by a cyclooxygenase-2/prostacyclin pathway.

Journal: British journal of pharmacology 20070901

Title: Developmental changes of aldehyde oxidase in postnatal rat liver.

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Title: Metabolites of the radiosensitizer nicotinamide are unlikely to contribute to the degree of emesis observed with the parent drug.

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Title: Spectrofluorimetric determination of drugs containing active methylene group using N1-methyl nicotinamide chloride as a fluorigenic agent.

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Title: Search for drugs of the combined anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties: 1-methyl-N'-(hydroxymethyl)nicotinamide.

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Title: Topical application of 1-methylnicotinamide in the treatment of rosacea: a pilot study.

Journal: Clinical and experimental dermatology 20051101

Title: Quantitation of the niacin metabolites 1-methylnicotinamide and l-methyl-2-pyridone-5-carboxamide in random spot urine samples, by ion-pairing reverse-phase HPLC with UV detection, and the implications for the use of spot urine samples in the assessment of niacin status.

Journal: Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences 20050325

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Title: 1-Methylnicotinamide: a potent anti-inflammatory agent of vitamin origin.

Journal: Polish journal of pharmacology 20030101

Title: Potential urinary and plasma biomarkers of peroxisome proliferation in the rat: identification of N-methylnicotinamide and N-methyl-4-pyridone-3-carboxamide by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance and high performance liquid chromatography.

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Title: Rapid calmodulin-dependent interdomain electron transfer in neuronal nitric-oxide synthase measured by pulse radiolysis.

Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry 20011026

Title: Validation of an HPLC method for the determination of urinary and plasma levels of N1-methylnicotinamide, an endogenous marker of renal cationic transport and plasma flow.

Journal: Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 20010101

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