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10101-88-9 | Sodium thiophosphate hydrate

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Technical Information
Catalog Number:
Chemical Name:
Sodium thiophosphate hydrate
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
MDL Number:
Computed Properties
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:
Heavy Atom Count:
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:


Title: Metabonomics evaluation of urine from rats administered with phorate under long-term and low-level exposure by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Journal: Journal of applied toxicology : JAT 20140201

Title: Thiophosphate and selenite conversely modulate cell death induced by glutathione depletion or cisplatin: effects related to activity and Sec contents of thioredoxin reductase.

Journal: The Biochemical journal 20121001

Title: Stereocontrolled solid-phase synthesis of phosphorothioate oligoribonucleotides using 2'-O-(2-cyanoethoxymethyl)-nucleoside 3'-O-oxazaphospholidine monomers.

Journal: The Journal of organic chemistry 20120921

Title: Theoretical study on steric effects of DNA phosphorothioation: B-helical destabilization in Rp-phosphorothioated DNA.

Journal: The journal of physical chemistry. B 20120906

Title: Effects of primer containing silane and thiophosphate monomers on bonding resin to a leucite-reinforced ceramic.

Journal: Journal of dentistry 20120501

Title: Phosphorus-containing dendrimers against α-synuclein fibril formation.

Journal: International journal of biological macromolecules 20120501

Title: Is hair analysis for dialkyl phosphate metabolites a suitable biomarker for assessing past acute exposure to organophosphate pesticides?

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Title: Phosphorothioic acids and related compounds as surrogates for H2S--synthesis of chiral tetrahydrothiophenes.

Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society 20120208

Title: Enhanced light-activated RNA interference using phosphorothioate-based dsRNA precursors of siRNA.

Journal: Pharmaceutical research 20111201

Title: Palladacycle-promoted solvolytic cleavage of O,O-dimethyl O-aryl phosphorothioates. Converting a phosphorane-like transition state to an observable intermediate.

Journal: Inorganic chemistry 20110815

Title: Rearrangement of lithiated S-alkyl O,O-dialkyl thiophosphates: scope and stereochemistry of the thiophosphate-mercaptophosphonate rearrangement.

Journal: Organic & biomolecular chemistry 20110721

Title: Efficient synthesis of 3-O-thia-cPA and preliminary analysis of its biological activity toward autotaxin.

Journal: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 20110715

Title: Determination of 14 monoalkyl phosphates, dialkyl phosphates and dialkyl thiophosphates by LC-MS/MS in human urinary samples.

Journal: The Science of the total environment 20110415

Title: The effect of divalent cations on the catalytic activity of the human plasma 3'-exonuclease.

Journal: Biometals : an international journal on the role of metal ions in biology, biochemistry, and medicine 20101201

Title: Cleavage of phosphorothioated DNA and methylated DNA by the type IV restriction endonuclease ScoMcrA.

Journal: PLoS genetics 20101201

Title: Development of a class-specific immunochromatographic strip test for the rapid detection of organophosphorus pesticides with a thiophosphate group.

Journal: Hybridoma (2005) 20100801

Title: One-flask syntheses of c-di-GMP and the [Rp,Rp] and [Rp,Sp] thiophosphate analogues.

Journal: Organic letters 20100716

Title: Thiophosphorylation of free amino acids and enzyme protein by thiophosphoramidate ions.

Journal: Bioorganic chemistry 20100401

Title: Identification of thioaptamer ligand against E-selectin: potential application for inflamed vasculature targeting.

Journal: PloS one 20100101

Title: The human SepSecS-tRNASec complex reveals the mechanism of selenocysteine formation.

Journal: Science (New York, N.Y.) 20090717

Title: Determination and estimation of partitioning properties for substituted phosphates and thiophosphates.

Journal: Environmental monitoring and assessment 20090501

Title: Thiophosphate analogs of c-di-GMP: impact on polymorphism.

Journal: Nucleosides, nucleotides & nucleic acids 20090501

Title: Stereocontrolled synthesis of oligoribonucleoside phosphorothioates by an oxazaphospholidine approach.

Journal: Organic letters 20090219

Title: Determination of dialkyl phosphates as breakdown products of organophosphorus insecticides in fruit juices by HPTLC with fluorescence detection.

Journal: Journal of AOAC International 20090101

Title: Thermolytic release of covalently linked DNA oligonucleotides and their conjugates from controlled-pore glass at near neutral pH.

Journal: Bioconjugate chemistry 20080801

Title: Synthesis of S-glycosyl thiophosphates, thiophosphonates and thiophosphinates by the Michaelis-Arbuzov rearrangement of anomeric thiocyanates.

Journal: Carbohydrate research 20080317

Title: Deoxygenated phosphorothioate inositol phosphate analogs: synthesis, phosphatase stability, and binding affinity.

Journal: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 20080315

Title: Glycosidations of 2-deoxy glycosyl dithiophosphates using a tagged iodine(III)-promoter for simple purification.

Journal: Organic & biomolecular chemistry 20080307

Title: Role of ionization of the phosphate cosubstrate on phosphorolysis by purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) of bacterial (E. coli) and mammalian (human) origin.

Journal: European biophysics journal : EBJ 20080201

Title: Kinetics and mechanism of the aminolysis of aryl ethyl chloro and chlorothio phosphates with anilines.

Journal: Organic & biomolecular chemistry 20071221

Title: Comparative pharmacokinetics of the organophosphorus insecticide chlorpyrifos and its major metabolites diethylphosphate, diethylthiophosphate and 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol in the rat.

Journal: Toxicology 20070731

Title: Kinetics and mechanism of the aminolysis of aryl phenyl chlorothiophosphates with anilines.

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Title: Biodegradation of chlorferon and diethylthiophosphate by consortia enriched from waste cattle dip solution.

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Title: HDV ribozyme activity in monovalent cations.

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Title: Channel phosphorylation and modulation of L-type Ca2+ currents by cytosolic Mg2+ concentration.

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Title: Mechanism of the Escherichia coli DNA T:G-mismatch endonuclease (Vsr protein) probed with thiophosphate-containing oligodeoxynucleotides.

Journal: Journal of molecular biology 20051028

Title: Determination of chlorpyrifos metabolites in human urine by reversed-phase/weak anion exchange liquid chromatography-electrospray ionisation-tandem mass spectrometry.

Journal: Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences 20050805

Title: Antisense recognition of the HER-2 mRNA: effects of phosphorothioate substitution and polyamines on DNA.RNA, RNA.RNA, and DNA.DNA duplex stability.

Journal: Biochemistry 20050111

Title: Electrochemical detoxification of four phosphorothioate obsolete pesticides stocks.

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Title: The 4-methylthio-1-butyl group for phosphate/thiophosphate protection in oligodeoxyribonucleotide synthesis.

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Title: Reductive transformation of methyl parathion by the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC7120.

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Title: 3-(N-tert-butylcarboxamido)-1-propyl and 4-oxopentyl groups for phosphate/thiophosphate protection in oligodeoxyribonucleotide synthesis.

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Title: Effect of solute-co-ordinating solvent interactions and temperature on the EPR and electronic spectra of bis(dithiophosphato)copper(II).

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Title: Stereochemistry at phosphorus of the reaction catalyzed by myo-inositol monophosphatase.

Journal: Journal of medicinal chemistry 20020314

Title: Ukrain, an alkaloid thiophosphoric acid derivative of Chelidonium majus L. protects human fibroblasts but not human tumour cells in vitro against ionizing radiation.

Journal: International journal of radiation biology 20020101

Title: Kinetic comparison of tissue non-specific and placental human alkaline phosphatases expressed in baculovirus infected cells: application to screening for Down's syndrome.

Journal: BMC biochemistry 20020101

Title: Synthesis and biochemical characterization of a phosphorylated analogue of the response regulator CheB.

Journal: Biochemistry 20011030

Title: Negative ion chemical ionization GC/MS-MS analysis of dialkylphosphate metabolites of organophosphate pesticides in urine of non-occupationally exposed subjects.

Journal: The Analyst 20010701

Title: Novel 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide analogue: adenosine 3',5'-cyclic boranomonophosphate.

Journal: Organic letters 20010322

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