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101246-66-6 | Pyrrolo[2,3-b]indol-5-ol, 1,2,3,3a,8,8a-hexahydro-1,3a,8-trimethyl-, 5-(N-phenylcarbamate), (3aS,8aR)-

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Technical Information
Catalog Number:
Chemical Name:
Pyrrolo[2,3-b]indol-5-ol, 1,2,3,3a,8,8a-hexahydro-1,3a,8-trimethyl-, 5-(N-phenylcarbamate), (3aS,8aR)-
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
MDL Number:
Computed Properties
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count:
Heavy Atom Count:
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:
Rotatable Bond Count:


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Title: Phenserine (Axonyx/NIH).

Journal: IDrugs : the investigational drugs journal 20001001

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