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Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) is a synthetic, hydrophilic, biocompatible polymer with widespread use in biomedical and other applications. PEGs are synthesized using a ring-opening polymerization of ethylene oxide to produce a broad range of molecular weights and molecular weight distributions (polydispersity). PEGs can be synthesized in linear, branched, Y-shaped, or multi-arm geometries. PEGs can be activated by the replacement of the terminal hydroxyl end group with a variety of reactive functional end groups enabling crosslinking and conjugation chemistries. AA Blocks offers a comprehensive list of high purity PEGylation products to empower your PEGylation, bioconjugation, crosslinking, ADC drug development, biolabeling for pharmaceutical and biotech R&D.
Catalog No.: AA0002WT
CAS No.:1008402-47-8 MDL No.: MFCD22683311
MF: C22H30N4O9 MW: 494.4950
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Catalog No.: AA000G51
CAS No.:115597-84-7 MDL No.: MFCD01096749
MF: C14H16N2O6 MW: 308.2866
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Catalog No.: AA000L3X
CAS No.:123852-08-4 MDL No.: MFCD28015764
MF: C18H39NO8 MW: 397.5042
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Catalog No.: AA000MC4
CAS No.:1245823-50-0 MDL No.: MFCD22201534
MF: C18H32O7 MW: 360.4425
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Catalog No.: AA000NAC
CAS No.:1252257-56-9 MDL No.: MFCD13185003
MF: C31H49N3O13S2 MW: 735.8631
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Catalog No.: AA000NCY
CAS No.:125274-16-0 MDL No.: MFCD22574816
MF: C27H32O5 MW: 436.5400
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Catalog No.: AA000NF4
CAS No.:1253286-56-4 MDL No.: MFCD11974977
MF: C23H36N4O9S MW: 544.6183
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Catalog No.: AA000SP7
CAS No.:126422-58-0 MDL No.: MFCD22683298
MF: C12H18O4 MW: 226.2689
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