Pyridines are heterocyclic six-membered aromatic compounds containing a single nitrogen atom. Pyrimidine is an aromatic heterocyclic organic compound similar to pyridine.[3] One of the three diazines (six-membered heterocyclics with two nitrogen atoms in the ring), it has the nitrogen atoms at positions 1 and 3 in the ring. Pyrimidines are a class of important heterocycles and appear in many pharmaceutical molecules, naturally occurring bioactive compounds and chiral ligands in polysubstituted forms. The pyridine moiety is present in countless molecules with applications as varied as catalysis, drug design, molecular recognition, and natural product synthesis. Pyridine derivatives have also been implicated as small molecule α-helical mimetics in the inhibition of protein-protein interactions, and functionally selective GABAA ligands. Halogenated pyridines in particular are useful building blocks for various cross-coupling methodologies, including Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions.
Catalog No.:AA0002WT
CAS No.:1008402-47-8 MDL No.:MFCD22683311
MF:C22H30N4O9 MW:494.4950
Catalog No.:AA000G51
CAS No.:115597-84-7 MDL No.:MFCD01096749
MF:C14H16N2O6 MW:308.2866
Catalog No.:AA000L3X
CAS No.:123852-08-4 MDL No.:MFCD28015764
MF:C18H39NO8 MW:397.5042
Catalog No.:AA000MC4
CAS No.:1245823-50-0 MDL No.:MFCD22201534
MF:C18H32O7 MW:360.4425
Catalog No.:AA000NAC
CAS No.:1252257-56-9 MDL No.:MFCD13185003
MF:C31H49N3O13S2 MW:735.8631
Catalog No.:AA000NCY
CAS No.:125274-16-0 MDL No.:MFCD22574816
MF:C27H32O5 MW:436.5400
Catalog No.:AA000NF4
CAS No.:1253286-56-4 MDL No.:MFCD11974977
MF:C23H36N4O9S MW:544.6183
Catalog No.:AA000SP7
CAS No.:126422-58-0 MDL No.:MFCD22683298
MF:C12H18O4 MW:226.2689
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