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Quinoline derivatives are prevalent in a wide range of pharmacologically active synthetic and natural compounds. Quinolines have antiseptic, antipyretic, and antiperiodic properties and are used as antimalarials and for preparing other antimalarial drugs. The discovery of chloroquine, the most famous drug containing this scaffold, resulted in control and treatment of malaria for decades. Quinoline and its derivatives are widely used as biocides, fungicides, alkaloids, antibiotics, rubber chemicals, dyes and flavoring agents. Additional industrial applications include their use as corrosion inhibitors, preservatives, and as solvents for resins and terpenes, and in transition-metal complex catalysis for uniform polymerization and luminescence chemistry. They are also used in manufacturing food colorants, oil soluble dyes, pH indicators, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds. Quinoline is a catabolite of tryptophan, a fundamental structure in some antihypertensive agents such as the peripheral vasodilators prazosin and doxazosin. The presence of a halogen allows these reagents to be used as substrates in various coupling reactions, including Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions.
Catalog No.: AA01904N
CAS No.:100060-08-0 MDL No.: MFCD01011654
MF: C11H12N2O MW: 188.2258
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Catalog No.: AA01A9LW
CAS No.:1001183-84-1 MDL No.: MFCD11131112
MF: C10H6N2S MW: 186.2330
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Catalog No.: AA00013N
CAS No.:10018-19-6 MDL No.: MFCD00867496
MF: C12H14ClNO3 MW: 255.6975
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Catalog No.: AA008R2D
CAS No.:100208-62-6 MDL No.: MFCD00011593
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Catalog No.: AA01CBTH
CAS No.:100322-43-8 MDL No.:
MF: C19H25NO3 MW: 315.4067
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Catalog No.: AA01M2QU
CAS No.:1004252-95-2 MDL No.:
MF: C25H26N2O2S MW: 418.5511
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Catalog No.: AA0001VY
CAS No.:1004253-21-7 MDL No.:
MF: C24H30N2O2 MW: 378.5072
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Catalog No.: AA01ANW4
CAS No.:1004643-76-8 MDL No.: MFCD04970236
MF: C16H17N5O MW: 295.3391
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