PEG Linkers

Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) is a synthetic, hydrophilic, biocompatible polymer with widespread use in biomedical and other applications. PEGs are synthesized using a ring-opening polymerization of ethylene oxide to produce a broad range of molecular weights and molecular weight distributions (polydispersity). PEGs can be synthesized in linear, branched, Y-shaped, or multi-arm geometries. PEGs can be activated by the replacement of the terminal hydroxyl end group with a variety of reactive functional end groups enabling crosslinking and conjugation chemistries. AA Blocks offers a comprehensive list of high purity PEGylation products to empower your PEGylation, bioconjugation, crosslinking, ADC drug development, biolabeling for pharmaceutical and biotech R&D.
Catalog No.:AA00002V
CAS No.:100-21-0 MDL No.:MFCD00002558
MF:C8H6O4 MW:166.1308
Catalog No.:AA00002X
CAS No.:100-19-6 MDL No.:MFCD00007355
MF:C8H7NO3 MW:165.1461
Catalog No.:AA00002U
CAS No.:100-23-2 MDL No.:MFCD00014712
MF:C8H10N2O2 MW:166.1772
Catalog No.:AA00002W
CAS No.:100-20-9 MDL No.:MFCD00000693
MF:C8H4Cl2O2 MW:203.0222
Catalog No.:AA00002Z
CAS No.:100-17-4 MDL No.:MFCD00007327
MF:C7H7NO3 MW:153.1354
Catalog No.:AA00003U
CAS No.:100-29-8 MDL No.:MFCD00007330
MF:C8H9NO3 MW:167.1620
Catalog No.:AA00003F
CAS No.:100-48-1 MDL No.:MFCD00006417
MF:C6H4N2 MW:104.1094
Catalog No.:AA00003K
CAS No.:100-43-6 MDL No.:MFCD00006447
MF:C7H7N MW:105.1372
Catalog No.:AA00003O
CAS No.:100-39-0 MDL No.:MFCD00000172
MF:C7H7Br MW:171.0345
Catalog No.:AA00003G
CAS No.:100-47-0 MDL No.:MFCD00001770
MF:C7H5N MW:103.1213
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